Creating a chat-bot for financial and legal questions

Chat-bot for financial and legal questions

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Qoorp’s mission is to make it super simple to manage the administrative side of running a business with everything that involves board or shareholder meetings or registrations that need to be made to the authorities. We are building a web-based service which makes these things a lot easier. For example, an employee stock options program can be created in less than 15 minutes.

However, we want to explore how we can make tasks like these even more efficient, and for that purpose we want to explore how an intelligent chat-bot can be created to help the user.

The task:
Create a prototype of a chat-bot that can interact with the user and help him or her complete the task at hand, point to further reading material/interactive guides, or in harder cases, refer the case to a human. We have a digital connection to Bolagsverket (the Swedish company registration office) and other data sources, and therefore we have access to lots of data about companies, which can make the task easier. Within Qoorp, we also have many man-years of accumulated experience on corporate legal matters, which we can draw from. You will do an assessment of which tasks the bot should focus on, and which should be referred to a human. You will also choose a platform on which to build this. This project will involve programming.

Your background:
You probably have a background in either language technology with a strong interest in programming, or in engineering with an interest in language technology.

Why choose to do your master thesis project at Qoorp?

You will get a chance to work with a cutting edge team building a world-beating product. Done right, your work will have real impact. As we are expanding, there may be hiring openings at the end of your project.

For more information, please contact Niklas Rudemo, +46 708 141 287,

About Qoorp:

Qoorp develops a web service for managing company information such as a share register, board- and shareholder meetings and issuing stock, warrants and options. Qoorp was founded in 2015 and will launch its product in the fall of 2016.