Using Qoorp in English

As a shareholder, you log in to the Qoorp service by clicking ”LOGGA IN” (Login) and then ”AKTIEÄGARE” (Shareholder). Then you will be logged into the shareholder panel i Qoorp. If you have a Swedish personal number and BankID, you may use that; otherwise you will be able to login using a password connected to your e-mail address.
How to login to the Qoorp system
How to login to the Qoorp system
Currently, Qoorp is available in Swedish only. We are working on support in English also. In the meantime, you can have your browser translate the page. While not perfect, this translation is reasonable and should make it possible for those of you who are not familiar with Swedish to use it. The following describes how it works in Chrome.
If your language setting in your browser is not Swedish, when you go to Qoorp, it should display the following in the top left corner of the web page:
This page is in Swedish. Would you like to translate it?
If you click translate, the site will be automatically translated. If the above message does not appear, you can trigger it by right-clicking anywhere on the page and choose ”Translate to English” from the menu:
Translate to English