Visualization of data on startups

Visualization of data on startups

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Entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage versus venture capitalists (VCs), since there is an information asymmetry: whereas VCs get insights into lots of deals, entrepreneurs only have data about their own company and things they learn by hearsay from other entrepreneurs. Also, entrepreneurs tend to be on average less experienced than VCs, who are often former entrepreneurs themselves. This makes it harder for entrepreneurs to strike a fair deal when raising money.

We want to remedy this situation and level the playing field. We have developed a unique method for extracting data about any share issues done by any Swedish company over the last several years. For example, this is what the data for the payment startup iZettle looks like in our system: 



We are currently the only company in Sweden that can extract this data. While data for individual companies are interesting, we think the real value lies in aggregating data. This would allow us to answer such questions as “What is the median valuation of a startup when it does its first seed financing?”. This could of course be varied in a number of ways, according to geography, type of business, age of founders, etc.

The purpose of this master thesis project is to investigate how this data can be aggregated and visualized in the most effective way. This would involve a lot of data exploration to find out what conclusions can be drawn, how the data can be retrieved in the most cost efficient way, etc. While Qoorp’s main interest in this is to help our customers make better decisions, we believe there is a large general interest, both from the academic community as well as from commercial actors. One objective of the project would be to investigate how this interest could be monetized in the future.

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Qoorp develops a web service for managing company information such as a share register, board- and shareholder meetings and issuing stock, warrants and options. Qoorp was founded in 2015 and will launch its product in the fall of 2016.