Proposal for master thesis project: Implementing automated legaltech services in the EU

Implementing automated legaltech services in the EU

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Qoorp develops an innovative web service in the intersection of legaltech and fintech. Using our system, companies can manage their share register, board and shareholder meetings as well as filings to the Company Registration Office in one integrated solution. Currently, the system is being developed for the Swedish market, and will be launched in the fall of 2016, but the system would be applicable across the world.

The purpose of this master thesis project is to investigate what would be required from a legal and business point of view to implement the system in other countries, primarily the larger EU countries and the UK. Questions that need to be addressed include:

  • What are the requirements for a share register service?
  • To what extent are digital signatures allowed when filing documents with the local company registration offices?
  • What systems for digital signatures are available and how difficult would they be to implement?
  • To what extent is this service compatible with the notary system in continental Europe, and what, if any, changes to the service would be required?
  • What public data about companies are available?
  • What would be an appropriate pricing strategy for the service?

The work would start with an overview over which markets are most promising, so the in-depth-investigations can be focused on the markets with the largest potential.

Starting point: as agreed with the student (the sooner the better).

Why choose to do your master thesis project at Qoorp?

You will get a chance to work with a cutting edge team building a world-beating product. Done right, your work will have a real impact. As we are expanding, there may be hiring openings at the end of your project.

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About Qoorp:

Qoorp develops a web service for managing company information such as share registries, board- and shareholder meetings and issuing stock, warrants and options. Qoorp was founded in 2015 and will launch its product in the fall of 2016. We have offices in central Stockholm and in Norrköping.