Proposal for master thesis project: Investigating APIs for accessing company information on a global scale

Investigating APIs for accessing company information on a global scale

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Keeping track of who owns shares in a company is an area of great concern. For the company itself, it is important to know who its owners are and where they reside, so that they can keep in touch with them to inform them about the progress of the business. Regulators, both national and international, also put greater emphasis on “beneficial owners”, i.e. who the real physical person behind a holding company is. This is done both to combat economic crime, corruption and financing of terrorism. As an example, the EU will soon require all companies within the union to report its beneficial owners on a regular basis.

Today, almost all companies keep track of this information manually. This is expensive, time consuming and error prone. To comply with the upcoming regulation, automation is needed.

Scope of the master thesis project:

The aim of the project is to investigate to what extent information about companies is available through APIs. The primary target is the authority within each EU country, which is responsible for the registration of companies. In Sweden, this would be Bolagsverket; in the UK it is Companies House, etc. As an example, Companies House has a public API at where you can search for information about companies. The task is to investigate for each country:

  1. What information is available
  1. Is it possible to retrieve information about beneficial owners automatically?
  1. What the terms of use is (privacy for example may limit what information is available)
  1. What the cost is
  1. How the access can be implemented technically

The project should aim to implement at least a few of these APIs. If time allows, investigating this for some major countries outside the EU could be done.

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